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Messy Hair and Coffee Posts

Sherbet Baby

I almost feel like the one girl in the group whose never having babies, while everyone around her drank some kind of Kool-Aid, which has caused me to make a bajillion blankets plus toys. There has to be a stopper for the nozzle letting the Kool-Aid out, right? Joking aside, here’s my latest baby blanket. I nicknamed it Sherbet Baby because the colors remind me of sherbet ice cream. The sweetheart helped me pick it up and…

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Air Pollution and Health

We constantly think about what we are eating and what we are drinking since these actions require interaction with a tangible object. One of the hardest things to do, is to help enlist understanding behind something that we do without thinking, without careful consideration. You’re doing it right now, you’re breathing. The average human breaths in 550 litres per day or, approximately 19 cubic feet of air. Have you ever stopped to think about what…

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September Goals, Summer Review

What went well this summer? 1. I got to go on a trip, even though I’m not sure if you can classify something as vacation when it’s tied to work, but at least I got to do some traveling and the sweetheart got to go with me on that trip. We stayed a bit longer than I needed to for work and got to explore a bit of Texas. I’ve been down to San Antonio many…

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Where is Summer?

I’m not sure what it is about summer, but things just seem to slip on me (and it’ll probably slip again come October/November). I was doing pretty well though about posting regularly up until May. So I’ll take that as a win in my book and pick things back up a bit. A lot’s been happening. Some of which I can’t really talk about here, but I can sum it up in a few short…