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More Real

Things have been becoming more and more real. Friends and boyfriend helped this weekend to load my things into storage. Pretty much all nonessential items were taken to the unit and stacked away. I have a few more things to haul there, but can do that over the next little while. I still have quite a bit to clean out too for donation items.

But I’m moving forward. Slowly getting free of things I don’t have a need for anymore. It’s a strange feeling. And I guess part of me is slowly accepting what is going to happen. I’ve purposely made an effort to avoid the ex as much as possible. I just have no desire to interact with him anymore than I need too. I was surprised when he chose to call me twice in one day. Usually, we limit our communication to just texting.

I don’t have many plans for the next week. I’ve been working on prepping for nanowrimo and I’ve been debating on doing another photography project. Small distractions, I suppose… I mostly just want a sense of normal and my life back for the most part. It kind of amazes me how things could be occurring one way and then all of a sudden, life does a 180 and you’re hurdling down a different path.

I keep taking one day at a time. It’s about all I know how to do.


  1. Moving your stuff to storage, that’s a good step forward. What’s the photography project about? I’d need some of them too, to keep practicing with the camera. I’ve lost lots of skills when I’ve only used the camera now and then.

    • K K

      I haven’t decided if I want to pick a single subject and concentrate around it (and take like a month to do it) or if I want to do some variation of a 365. I’ll try to put a post together with some ideas when I get a few minutes to do some research. 😀

      It’s weird not having my things with me in the house. I’ve kept a few things (yarn mostly), but it’s definitely a good push forward to hopefully see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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