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December 21, 2015

It’s my birthday. And I just realized, I’ve seriously neglected writing here. Not a surprise. Things have been… curiously slow, but still kind of crazy. I actually have some other posts drafted up, but I just haven’t published them yet. There are not many plans going on for today. We’re going to go out to lunch and I’ve requested we pick up a growler (the Beau is heavy into microbreweries, which is awesome) of this awesome apple beer. I had wanted to go somewhere else, but I didn’t realize the place was closed on Mondays.

So, I’m sitting with my hair wrapped in a towel, bathrobe on, plick plucking away at the keys. I’ve been working on some new art pieces and finishing up some more crochet projects. I have emails I need to sit and respond back too (sorry!) and beyond that, I’m being a bum. I took the whole week off which is something I’ve not done in a while. It’s actually kind of nice to have no hidden purpose in taking leave. I don’t have any obligations or any craziness or drama issues that I might have to deal with.

That is probably what is going to make my birthday the best. Enjoying a “real” vacation.

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  1. I’ve definitely gone through times where I couldn’t make myself write on my blog (trying to correct that, not easy!) or just needed some lazy time to myself. There’s no shame in time off, we all need that now and then so we don’t go nutrageous!

    Happy birthday wishes!

    1. Admittedly, I use to be a lot better. I had a set schedule and managed 2-3 posts a week. Then life smacked me with reality and laughed and laughed and laughed 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by! And happy holidays!! 😀

      1. Aw, that’s basically what happened to me. I’m trying so hard to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a selfie on Saturday and it’s already hard. Ugh!

        Happy holidays to you, too!

  2. Happy birthday!! And you deserve the week off. You would deserve a month off!
    I’m back to blogging. It’s mostly a photography blog, but that’s what I wanted to do, and I really feel happy about it (it’s possible it’s down right now because of name server stuff, but try again soon).

    1. If I could afford to take a month off, life would be so perfect and wonderful. Pretty sure though they’d cry at work lol

      It was up earlier, or when I took a look at it the other day (I think I commented?) …wanted to know how you did the instagram film strip at the bottom? Did you code that by hand or use a plugin or is that built into the theme you’re using?

  3. I think I blog to much to be honest, but I truthfully have no life.

    Happy Belated Birthday, and Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)

    I think we all deserve some time off once in awhile (Except me, since I don’t do anything)

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with blogging a ton. lol

      Granted, I don’t always actively do things which is sometimes why I fall quiet here (nothing of importance to write about), but then the most mundane thing can be the most entertaining thing to write about 🙂

  4. I’m a late responder here…but I can’t wait to see your projects <3 I love everything you create!

    I am also happy to hear you took a week off FOR YOU. Not because you had to take care of this or that. Just having time to rest and get centered does a lot for the soul.


    1. And I think I might scare you with how many I have started =/ …I’m going to need to dedicate a month next year to finish the unfinished things!

      1. Hey, if it’s important to you, you’ll make time for it! I’m in the same boat! I have multiple sewing projects started, I just need to finish them. And that’s just one hobby!


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