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Benefit of Doubt

December 30, 2015

This has been an interesting week. The first is that the heater went out in my main house and I didn’t know it. It was nearly four days before I was back over there to check on the place. It was -20F on Christmas. Everything was frozen solid. I spent all of Tuesday afternoon getting a wood fire going and then once the fuel was delivered, getting the heater up and running again. By the time the ice began defrosting, I’d left for a few minutes to find a snack and a bathroom (the toilets were even frozen). When I got back, I heard the lovely rushing sound of water. The main line had busted and the gallon counter the city keeps had cracked. I turned every valve I could find until the water stopped gushing.

A plumber came by and helped make sure I had all the valves turned off. Before that happened, I nearly lost it. I started to feel anxious at that thought of having to call him and tell him what was going on. I don’t think I could of done it. Crap, every time I get a text message, my stomach plunges and I dread to see who its from. I hope that once everything is final, that this feeling will disappear and I’ll be my usual cheerful, non-psychotic self. The Beau calmed me down and came out to help me clean up things. We do have some pipe damage, I don’t know yet the extents as I’m giving the house another day to completely thaw. The downstairs bedroom carpet was also still wet; not sopping wet, but noticeable to the touch. There are fans going and extra heaters running right now.

I did end up texting him what had happened. Mostly because the house has to be pulled from the market for showings for a short bit as repairs are completed and finished. I told him what happened, I asked him not to call me because I was extremely angry with myself and flustered.

He was actually okay. Reminded me about the homeowner’s insurance (granted it has a ridiculously high deductible, so we won’t be using it). I know I rag on him here because there has been more bad than good between us recently, but he does have his few qualities. I think I understand when mom says she chooses to remember the good about things between her and Dad. Of course, he could be just be saying the bare minimum of what he needs to say so it doesn’t anger him. But, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

On the other house front, that place is ready to go and I expect we’ll have minimal problems. It’s going back on the market and there’ll potentially be a temporary renter in it which will give me some financial relief especially with the frozen pipes in the other house. I just need to be careful with money, remember to breath, and be patient.

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