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All About Goals

This is the obligatory goal post, typically posted on the first, of which, I failed to complete. Mostly because I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted to accomplish this year and if it was actually attainable. It’s kind of depressing if you realize you failed to reach a goal by the end of the year because it was too far out there to start with… So, I’ve tried to keep this simple and straight forward. I may even bring back my monthly goals post which breaks things down further to help me make my yearly goals.

  • 1. Strength train 2 days a week. Run 1-2 times a week.
  • 2. Monthly Artsy Project.
  • 3. Read a book a month.
  • 4. Write creatively once a week. (I may or may not share here.)
  • 5. Continue to save money this year. (Goal is $2000.)
  • 6. Blog 2-3 times a week.

I’m trying to keep the list fairly short, so I don’t try to over extend myself. And I think the goals are fairly reasonable. My overall theme for 2016 is patience and dedication. I want to rediscover myself, my passions, and move back to being a healthy person. I want to remember who I was before my STBX tore my confidence from me and broke me of the healthy habits I typically did before we married and was constantly criticized for them. I don’t necessarily want to become the old me, but I want to be a better version of the old me. I’d like to think that since I’m a little older, I’m, in some way, a little wiser.


  1. great goals! 🙂 i haven’t sat down to do mine yet, but i will. i guess i just want to be happy.

    love you,

    • K K

      Sometimes the simplest goals are the best goals 😉

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