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Afternoon Skies Afghan

I thought I would take a break from talking about the craziness of my life and actually post pictures of a finished project. I actually have a few finished projects, so this is the first post of the year with a few more lined up. As long as I don’t get sidetracked *wink*

This didn’t follow a pattern for anything specific. I improvised it. Started it back in December and finished it just before Christmas. This beauty is going to be headed shortly to my sister for a silent auction that raises money for Child Advocacy. At least, I think its for the same thing. I was originally aiming to get this to her at the beginning of December, but I failed that date. The next auction is in February.

Of course, if my sister opens the box and decides to keep the afghan, I won’t blame her. I’m kind of sad to see it go to a new home (I’m in love with the colors).

My favorite part of this afghan? The edging. I’m really pleased how that came out. Could I duplicate this again in another project? I have no idea. I am horrible about writing down what I’m doing!


  1. It looks lovely! I would be sad to give away that too. You’re so good at crocheting! I’d love to learn, but sadly I have to give up that idea after my 2012 wrist woes, with carpal tunnel syndrome and her sister syndrome around the ulnar nerve. I guess I should be happy as long as my wrist agrees with playing music.
    Btw, your new theme looks fantastic!!

    • K K

      It’s one of the few things I allow myself to do with my own wrist problems. This one wasn’t quite as tough on the hands as the fabric is looser. The next project I post, completely different story. =/

      Isn’t the new theme great? Found it while perusing the theme gallery area 😀

  2. It does look beautiful, Krissy and I wouldn’t blame YOU if you kept it and made a different one for Teresa’s event. BTW, I haven’t heard of when the next one will be so you do have plenty of time.

    Love you and hope all is going well.


    • K K

      I have so many blankets sitting around, not being used. As much as I would love to keep it, I will be passing it onto someone else 😉

      I’m still planning on sending it out to you soonish time frame. If it needs to get to you sooner, just let me know 😉

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