Let’s Not Test Me, Yes?


So rusty. I’m not really that satisfied with this image, so it probably will only appear here. I love my laptop, I do, but it just does not have the power that my desktop holds. Which, hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll be able to set that up once I find my cords. Which are buried in a box in storage. In a box I haven’t discovered yet (ha!).

But I wanted to at least post this because I haven’t shared any new work since I moved domains. I really haven’t finished anything for that matter (just a few renders, but no postwork).

4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Test Me, Yes?

  1. Now I think that looks pretty amazing, so if that’s what you can do when you’re rusty, that’s something you’re not happy with… just, WOW, from me, basically

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