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Steady Does It

It’s been a weird week. My emotional state has been up and down, not with just the new living environment, or because of hormones, just with things in general. I’m kind of worn out and tired. The Beau is sick himself and I still have this laundry list of things that need to be done. I’m trying my best to take one day at a time, not let my inner OCD screech at people, and remembering to count to ten on the bad days. It’s not really necessarily bad, I just catch myself feeling like I know what’s best and the best way to handle something in general and I have to consciously reign that in. Also, quietly reminding myself that common sense will always seem to be lacking in young people.

Could be why I’ve been writing more here and making sure I’m writing continuously at This small space may literally become a sanctuary. Granted, I don’t want to fill my posts with constant bitching. 🙂

I’ve been working on some projects, I have some pictures to upload of finished crochet things (already instagram’d, so these are more detailed pattern explanations), and I have some things to plan for this Saturday with a small get together going on.

I finally emptied my storage unit, now it’s just a matter of unboxing and organizing things (unless it gets to stay in a box, which may occur). I’m kind of excited. I really want to find my sewing machine… only to add more projects to my list >_>

Moving forward slowly with the new job as well. I still don’t have a start date and the HR person seems to have a chip on her shoulder and has refused to answer my questions on what all is involved with the process (she’s not taking the time to explain anything). It’s actually annoying. She isn’t returning my phone calls either. She’s emailing me instead. Even more annoying. I realize that I may never have to interact with her again after this initial set up, but its still annoying… and it makes things hard when you’re trying to properly transition projects over for your current employer.

There are people who do practice courtesy still out there, yes? I like to hope so at least.

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