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March, already?

It feels like spring outside. Too cold still for things to start to grow again, but warm enough that the ice has started to melt. Break up is a month early. We usually don’t get this until the beginning of April. In another month, I also start my new job. They wanted me in about two weeks, but my current job asked me to stay through the month of March. I said okay. I like my current place of work, and kind of wish they could match the new offer salary wise, but that’s something that would never happen.

With the Beau being sick last week, it’s finally caught up to me too. I’m not here, but I’m sitting and am slightly aware of things. It hasn’t slowed me down in doing a few projects though. I finally got my desktop set up. Okay, that’s probably the only thing I did, but I had to do a lot of updates on it, so it’s all good (and I have something rendering right now in Daz).

The weekend kind of went by in a blur. We’ve been walking through furniture stores because there are a few things that we could use, but we’re trying to figure out how to budget for it. The guys stayed up super late playing D&D (Pathfinder) and I ended up crashing early on Saturday. I’ve been wanting to play (Beau wants me to join), but I’d be the only girl. It’s the guys! …And Kristina. I’ve also been keeping one of the wives (new friend) entertained so that she’s not bored when her husband is gone for hours, so I really haven’t even had time to plot a character out or to read up on the rules.

I use to play online story based ones quite a bit. I miss it sometimes because it was such a nice outlet. But I loath the idea of seeking out a new group. It’s actually what got me into working up 3d work to start with (illustrating my characters).

And this entry is so randomly everywhere… I’m going to wrap it up.


  1. February passed by very quickly, didn’t it?!
    I hope you will like your new job, it’s nice with the better salary but it sucks that you’ll have to quit your current job just because of that.

    • K K

      It does, but I know they can’t match the salary unfortunately. It’s not uncommon for people in my field to slide back and forth between jobs in my field as there is a pretty high demand on things. It’ll be nice though to feel like I’m getting a fresh start somewhere after the year I’ve been through. And everyone at the current job have been really supportive <3

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