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Owl Hooded Blanket

March 5, 2016

I’m slowly trying to catch up with posting projects here. This was a commission project for a friend looking for a unique gift for a baby shower. Apparently the blanket was very much loved and I almost got a second project out of it. The pattern can be found here.

The thing I disliked about this pattern was the feathers. It also sucked because there was some errors in the pattern itself that I was able to recognize and compensate for (repetitive set ups, so it wasn’t hard to figure out). But holding the feathers and the main blanket fabric was a bit awkward, and I had to give my hand a break afterwards.

But, I’m super happy it was received with enthusiasm.

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    1. Sorry for the slow reply! Its been a busy weekend, but here were the things I remember doing (I did this back in January):

      The biggest error is that Row 3 is missing instructions for the corners. I repeated the corner instructions from either Row 1 or Row 4. The other thing, which was what I felt was funky, was working around the post of the double crochet, but that’s how they got the feather look. Essentially, you’re using the double crochet as your base to create your fabric. I found it easiest to hold the fabric opposite of how I would normally to work the hook around the post (now I’m wishing I had pictures to describe what I mean). Its one of the reasons I found it hurting my hands after a while because it wasn’t a natural feel with the hook.

      Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or not or if you’ve had an opportunity to figure it out. Something that I would do is attempt to do more of a crocodile stitch instead of what they did here, I think would work as a better feather (if I were to redo the blanket).

      1. Thank you! I did finally figure it out. I am a visual learner and think that pictures would have been helpful for the designer to explain each step.

        1. I agree! That’s why when I started typing things out, I was like, crap do I have time to whip out a sample and catch a few pics for you? lol

          Glad to hear you figured it out! Those feathers were a nightmare, but the overall result is at least nice 🙂

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