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Ode Wristers

This is the first a-long that will be going on, I think, all year. I had some fun with this pattern and knew I wanted to make it one of my first patterns to do in Voie de Vie‘s newest pattern book Fait le Main.

This was actually my first broomstick lace project. I really like the look, but I’m not sure if I could do this for a bigger project. It was kind of tedious balancing the knitting needle with the crochet hook. And I couldn’t move as fast as I usually do with learning the new technique. It definitely can add that extra “aw” factor if a pattern needed another pop to it. So I’m glad to have the technique in my back pocket.

My next project for this is La Coeur Cowl. And if you are a crocheter and want to join an a-long, come check out the group at ravelry.

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