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I’ve moved hosts and that turned out to be a bit trickier than I was expecting. Things should be working though and back together at least. If there is anything broken, just let me know and I’ll get it fixed. Granted, the domain is not completely moved yet (nameservers are pointed), so if I disappear for a little bit again, don’t be surprised. I’ll be back in a jiffy though!

Things have been busy. Finished some more crochet projects and have been working on getting the craft storage area organized. Things are getting pulled together better, but I’m still working on things though and staying busy as a result. Also, less than three weeks and I’ll be starting my new job!


  1. It’s so incredibly annoying to wait for nameservers to propagate! And sometimes it takes an hour or less and sometimes it takes two days. I also changed hosts recently, to A small orange. I’m so happy with them! They have support for all kinds of things, including node.js that nobody else has support for and finally I can host Ghost and everything else with the same hosting company.

    • K K

      It was strange. My old domain took less than twelve hours. This one took like the full 48 hours >_< and of course, it happened when I really actually wanted to sit down and take some time to write some entries lol I ended up moving over to Inmotion Hosting. Seems good so far, most of their tools are straight forward too and I got a decent deal on the hosting for the next two years, so that makes me happy. 😀

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