Fiber Love

Kevin Minion

March 28, 2016

I actually did this project back in December, but hadn’t had a chance to get any photos taken. I did post an instagram of it with the cell phone pictures, but figured it was time to take better ones. This was a pattern that comes with all three minions (there is also Stew and Bob). Unfortunately, the pattern has disappeared (I picked it up on etsy). I still have the other two to make, so we’ll see if I get to them in time. The most time consuming part was assembly =/

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    1. Because he’s pretty much pillshaped, I had to hand sew almost everything on to him or it wouldn’t stay willingly. The Mega Man (posted earlier) is way easier to assemble D:

      Probably one of the reasons I’m not in a rush to start the other two just yet lol

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