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The Pain of Name Changes

April 17, 2016

I spent most of Friday morning running between different federal buildings, trying to get the proper paperwork to change my name. I knew what the lawyer’s office had given to me was not the right paperwork. They printed it from an email; it lacked a proper stamp, signature, and date or a notary seal. I questioned the legal assistant about it too when she handed it to me. The social security office accepted the divorce affidavit, but the DMV wouldn’t take it. I had to then run to the clerk’s office at the courthouse to get it fixed and then back to the DMV again.

However, after that fiascle, I’m happy to report I’m back to my maiden name. I still have to get all my accounts switched over though and new bank cards. But, well, the banks aren’t typically open on the weekends, so it’ll be my goal next week to take care of those things when I have free time from work. I have to start to get things moved over for work too, but I’m not sure if they’ll take a temporary license just yet for switching my security profiles and such.

Oh fun times.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing random things. Hit a bonfire with some friends, made some new friends, and now it’s Sunday and my biggest plan is to continue to tackle my stuff in the cellar (still sorting, organizing, and downsizing). I made a pretty good dent in it yesterday while the Beau was at class. I think I’ve noticed a theme for this month… I think I have an obsession with organizing things this year. It must be spring fever.

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