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April 30, 2016

I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been until I log in here and realize it’s been nearly two weeks since I wrote last. I’ve been busy with things, with life. While I love my new job, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. It’s kind of mind draining after a while; enough so that I don’t have much desire to be on a computer after work. I’d rather do something that requires little to no thought. It’s been extremely pretty outside too since summer is starting to roll in. The sun is up by about 5am and there’s still light after 10 at night. Trying to get readjusted has been a bit difficult (but when is it not?), so I haven’t been getting as much sleep as normal.

I got plants started though for a mini potted garden on the porch and I’ve been getting my crafty things organized so I can start sewing again and dive into other projects.

The Beau and I have been looking at hiking and overnight equipment over the last few weeks in an effort to plan out some of our weekends this summer. I’m kind of horrified. He’s been in AK for the last three years but has never had the opportunity to do an overnight camping trip that wasn’t mandated by work or even been fishing. We’re going to remedy that this summer. I’m hoping to get the camera out more too (it helps to not feel depressed this year that I want to take the camera out at all).

Speaking of that, the house sale should be completed in less than two weeks. I know the title company was already pulling things together. I’m a little nervous though because I haven’t heard of anything coming back from the appraisal that could affect us. Not sure if this should be a good sign or a bad sign. Trying hard not to hold my breath. I’m just looking forward to having that nearly done. Then, there’s just one thing left between us and that’s finishing up our taxes. We had to file an addendum for 2014 (a very long and very argumentative story I will not dive into right now… let’s just say it should have been done when it needed to be done when I said it needed to be done instead of getting blown off since he was getting secret knooky on the side and deemed my requests unimportant despite legal ramifications at that time… ggggrrrrr).

When that’s done, I’ll be so happy. He’s decided to leave the state (apparently), which is super amusing and highly annoying because he was the one that insisted that we had to come back to Alaska (part of me is angry about that because I had a job that I loved down in Alabama that I gave up FOR HIM because he wasn’t happy… so glad I don’t have to deal with an unsupportive spouse anymore). On the bright side though, I would of never met the Beau had I not come up here, so, yes, things happen for a reason, right?

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