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June 1, 2016

The month of May was a bit stressful for me. Lots going on, lots of endings, lots of beginnings, lots of getting into the swing of things, lots of other demands on my time that having freedom to myself hasn’t really happened (something both the Beau and I are trying to figure out because we really want one day a week where we do absolutely nothing). I have some picture posts planned (1 hike, 1 crochet project, 1 future new family member). And I have a couple of other updates: the ex left the state, we sold the house, I finally ran a Color Run, and I’m sure there was something else that I am completely forgetting about that I can’t even think of right at the moment.

So one of the things I wanted to start up again for me so that it gives me some focus here is my monthly goal post. I’ve been so off track with things these last few years that I am really craving some sense of order and stability. Back in the day (I feel ancient writing that), I would list 5 goals minimum that I wanted to accomplish that month. So, here’s for June:

1. I will blog twice a week, no matter how ludicrous the post might read or sound to others (I’ll attempt to plan some subjects, don’t worry).

2. Now that the house is sold, balance my budget and start working on that savings goal for the year.

3. One digital art piece, please just let me have time to render and finish something creative.

4. Develop a regular workout schedule that includes hiking at least twice this month (the goal is once a weekend, but with the Beau moving jobs, this may change).

5. Finish downsizing and replacing clothes if needed to finally be rid of my ‘ex’ influence. This has been an ongoing process for me in an attempt to work at healing. I’ve been waiting for the house to sell (to get a little extra cash) to replace clothes that got ruined from his inconsiderateness when it came to washing grease covered clothes with regular clothes. He didn’t believe in segregation and usually berated me for my OCD about it. A lot of my nicer, not so cheap clothes, business casual attire has been ruined because of that, but I wasn’t allowed to buy new clothes to replace the ones he damaged without having to listen to bitching about it. Now I don’t have to listen to it at all. 😀

And I could think of a few more items, but I’m going to stick with my limit of five things because I know that I can concentrate on those five things and not 20 billion others. Fun times!

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    1. And plans may be all they stay as…

      I use to have so much more time back in the days. I have to wonder if its the age thing that slows us down =/ or just plain life.

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