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No More Training

June 7, 2016

I actually don’t understand it. Dear government, want to know what to save money on? Stop sending people to such repetitive training and let us actually do our jobs.

It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a long week. I’m in yet another training. If I sat down and did the calculations, I would hazard to guess that I spend 30-40 percent of my time in training, in the barely just started third month that I’ve been here. And I feel like throttling one of my coworkers in the group we are together in. Super grateful I don’t work in the same division as them.

Its just an aggravating week. I didn’t pick to do this course, I was volun-told to partake in this course. I just feel that some of the assignments we were working on were deceptively simple and others seem to take it and make it more complicated so its like, “hey, the assignment says to do this, so why are we doing all this extra crap?” I don’t think I was the only one that felt others were making things extra complicated.

The other part though is that the instructions are very, very vague on how to approach the assignments. I guess I’ve been out of “school school” for so long, I want to stab someone who doesn’t lay things out as black and white. I find it aggravating and a bit frustrating. I learn best by example and I can’t concentrate with all the yipper-yappering around me.

Lets hope I can survive until this weekend.

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  1. LOL, those vague instruction is sooo much Swedish universities (or maybe just nursing school?)!! I also prefer black and white in that sense. I remember when I did the oncology training, I did assignment after assignment wondering what I was doing because I had no clue what they really meant with their instructions.
    (Yes, back on my old domain. I always seem to go back to that one. Plus I want to sort of hide away and just write for friends.)

    1. It was so aggravating! And, what made it worse, is that the instructor would give three different answers when you asked the same question three different ways. *smacks head on desk*

      Passed it though, thankfully, still don’t understand anything I learned in the class though *sighs*

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