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Beau and I took our relationship to a new level.

We got a puppy.

I haven’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep since Thursday. We’re crate training him and it was his first weekend away from mom and his littermates. Friday night he was not a happy little camera. Perfectly, every 2 hours, he would wake up. Saturday night wasn’t so bad. About every three hours. His stomach has been upset with adjusting to the puppy food we’ve been feeding him. He eats like a horse though and he loves to sing the song of his people when he’s hungry… or disgruntled about being in the kennel.

The joys of puppy parenthood.

We named him Tyr.


  1. Puppies are very cute when they are small although I don’t like dogs 🙂 What kind of dog is he?

    • K K

      He is a blue heeler + ??? … I know the mom. She got out and got knocked up… so far he’s got traits like a German Shepard or like a Border Collie… hopefully, we’ll know and realize what he’s mixed with as he gets bigger. 🙂

  2. fai fai

    what a cutie! hi Tyr! I hope he is adjusting well now and i can see him being such a lovely baby there ^^

    • K K

      He’s reached the terrible 2 stage and I think he’s been getting growing pains. He’s super active though, eats like a horse, and is learning really, really fast.

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