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August Goals

My, how I have been quiet. I stay pretty busy or I’m so tired, I just don’t have the energy to do most of my usual things. So, I thought I would take the approach, new month, new start, freshness awaits me. There’s a few things I want to work on this month and, again, I’ll keep my list to 5 items.

1. Exercise. I’ve gained most of the weight I lost 4 years ago back and I’m not really happy about it. So I’m vowing to get back into it. My plan is to work through Jillian’s Body Revolution which is a 90 day workout program. The Beau and I have also made an effort to eat quasi vegetarian three days a week. I haven’t been wholly serious about eating clean, but I’m going to revamp my efforts and try to cut down on sugar.

2. I’m participating in Ravellenic Games this month. My plan is to complete my project from June/July (A Recipe for Cottony Goodness)in the WIP category and then I want to complete the Definitely in Africa cardigan.

3. August photo project! I’m breaking the camera out to do 30 days of photos. For reals.

4. Sit down and make an effort to plan things. When I was in the swing of things, it was so much easier to have a plan. I do enjoy not having the occasional plan bit, but when I need it, it’s nice to have it there to focus on things. I’m referring to a schedule post plan, so I can actually draft things when I do have free time. 🙂

5. Something artsy that’s not fiber related. I actually have almost three new pieces rendered and ready, but I’ve been hesitant to finish them, like I feel rusty. I’ve also misplaced my cord for my tablet *sad face*, so I would have to do things via mouse and that’s a pain. I’ve looked everywhere for this cord though and I have no idea where it went. I’m also kind of excited about one of my newer renders. I’ve rekindled my love for dance (I can’t dance, but I love the photography of dancers in motion), so pulled some inspiration from recent pins over at pinterest. On the flip side of that, I’m looking at moving to a new community for my art. As much as I loved DeviantART, it doesn’t feel right anymore. It’s the same thing over and over again, and the same artists getting noticed over and over again. It’s so hard to find new inspiration there among the fanart that’s usually not very good.

I should probably note that one of the other quasi-goals is to work on participating in linkie trades. I just need to find one or two that I like to see if it would help build up readership here and actually help me find other people with similar interest. I miss the small blog communities sometimes back in the day when it was feasible to have a spot on the web on a singular platform.

Anyways, I plan on actually being here this month. The summer is pretty much gone now (we’re starting to get chilly already and it’s been raining continuously).


  1. I like your goals! Good luck with your exercise, and maybe you’ll get some more energy, that’s what usually happens to me when I exercise.
    How nice with a photo project! I hope you’ll post your photos here?

    • K K

      I’ve been talking with my doctor on it and I’m pretty sure that I feel exhausted from the lack of proper diet and the lack of enough exercise. I took some steps this last week with things (but not going necessarily according to plan lol =/ ).

      And yes! I’ll be sharing the photos. I was actually taking the time to work on the project today. 🙂

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