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Meetings and Time Management

August 7, 2016

I wish my personal goals were effectively organized compared to my work life. I guess I just see myself a bit more balanced when it comes to managing time effectively in my professional life. I was a wee bit irritated last week and ended up pulling about 10 hours of over time. Which, really, it wasn’t needed, but how do you tell a person who doesn’t know how to properly manage their time and turn the distractions off to get the priorities done? I did joke about them needing to turn the phones off, but apparently that was too subtle.

I’ve also signed up with the health program so that I can begin to use an hour of office time for the gym (aka extending my lunch to get an effective workout). I still have to schedule a meet and greet thing, which hopefully I can get set up for after Tuesday.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning the house and I managed to mow part of our lawn. Only, I’m very eaten up with mosquito bites. We’ve been so rainy that our backyard started turning into a breeding ground. I regret now not using deet. Fun times!

Here’s to next week!

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