September 24, 2016
Every Other Week... Vacation

Something on my mind. It was a long week the rest of the week and I didn't get much sleep last night. I;m feeling run down and tired which isn't helping a whole lot either. I'm also, loath to admit this, am stressed about things I don't think I should be stressed about. I think […]

September 18, 2016
Long Few Days

I've gotten to get to know Beau's mom over the last few days. She's a sweet lady. But, truthfully, I'm a bit exhausted. It was just me and her the first two days because of Beau's schedule. Today is his birthday, so he finally got his first day off in the last two weeks. But […]

September 14, 2016
Good Karma

I had an interesting experience on my way home today. I was coming down our street and this old woman was waving frantically from the ground. She'd fallen (had a cane) with a bag of raspberry bush cuttings and could barely speak a lick of english. She'd fallen into the raspberry bush and that had […]

September 10, 2016

My last post was a little over a month ago. To be completely honest, I may have been avoiding this site because last year August was a horrible month for me. Actually, let me be truly honest, the whole summer last year was a horrible time for me. I've tried to fill in this summer […]