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September 10, 2016

My last post was a little over a month ago. To be completely honest, I may have been avoiding this site because last year August was a horrible month for me. Actually, let me be truly honest, the whole summer last year was a horrible time for me.

I’ve tried to fill in this summer with only positive things. Now I kind of wish I had been better at documenting it.

Work has been a little rough. I have an old timer that I work with that frustrates me periodically. He is a wealth of knowledge, but that also seems to be what stops him cold in his tracks from finishing things that need to be finished. It’s trying to keep from getting hung up on the details. The program I’ve come in to work with is in such horrible disarray though that I don’t know if I would of taken the job had I known just how disjointed it had become. I’m a follow through person. If I say I’m going to do something, I get it done. I’m still waiting on several things that the Old Timer promised to do, and I have a feeling I’m just going to finish it myself. The other issue that I’ve run into with my job is the poor relationship we seem to have with other agencies. We have to work closely with regulators to ensure that we are following laws and protecting human health and the environment. The issue I’m having with this is that they have worked for so long with the Old Timer and previous stubborn RPM (restoration program managers), that they jump me for one tiny little mistake that could have been solved with a simple phone call.

So far, I’ve held my breath and done my best to be professional. Understanding what the outside agencies are looking for is something I’ve been working towards in improving some of our small program elements that get overlooked by others. The other issue I’ve found is that we don’t have a lot of support from higher command. This makes it difficult in getting things accomplished when your own chain of command doesn’t have your back. Instead of trusting the hired SMEs (subject matter experts), they prefer to draw their own conclusions or talk to outside help which is just a huge blow to pride and self esteem. I haven’t necessarily had to deal with this as much, but I see the toll it takes on morale. And this isn’t just with my program, it’s with other environmental programs in the office.

This post was not suppose to turn into a rant post about work. Oops.

One of the major things that I did in the last month was to surprise visit my sister who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. Mom and I had planned it since late May. Sister had no idea that I was coming and it was extremely hard to keep from spilling the beans whenever we talked about trying to visit each other. It was a good trip, despite desert temperatures (110 degrees F is freaking hot lol). And I finally got to meet my sister’s partner who seems like a good guy to her.

I have way more to write, but I’m going to write more later. I have several errands to run and a house to clean because of visitor coming next week. Wooo, sometimes I wish life would just slow down for a bit.

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    1. Yes, it posted. If you’ve never commented on my site before, I hold the first two comments in moderation to ensure you aren’t spam. Once you’ve had two approved, comments get posted freely 🙂

      1. ah, ok
        i think the issue was i first posted with my name as just “zero” and it seemed to not post as a pending response…i’m guessing because the name was too short. -shrug-

        1. Maybe, I’m trying to think back to the last few days and if I had a comment from you in spam. I usually screen everything though so there’s an attempt to not miss any legit comments 😀

  1. your work sounds stressful but…enjoyable? i hope the whole situation improves for you with the regulators and higher command. and…yeah, stay away from that 110 degree weather…or not since that’s where your sister is. i prefer a nice comfortable 50 degrees, maybe upper 70s at most, but lower than 50 is awesome too.


    1. Well, I am from alaska, so I could only endure the 110 for so long and it was totally worth it to see my sister 🙂 Granted, coming back to 40s to high 60s was a blessing after the heat.

      My job is actually quite enjoyable and rewarding, just a lot going on that can’t immediately be fixed sadly. It’ll be my goal to help improve relationships, increase trust and understanding, and develop better working relationships. The biggest question is going to be if I have the patience to develop those relationships in a timely manner. =/

      1. i can kind of relate to that, I live in the NW and my family is in Florida. the temperature differences aren’t as extreme, but the humidity kind of makes it feel that way.

        alaska has always seemed like a nice state to me. never visited but it’s definitely on my bucketlist.

        glad to hear your job is enjoyable and rewarding. it can be hard to remain patient in your situation and i wish you luck on improving the situation.
        just don’t lose sight of yourself and your own needs.

        [ i always feel weird giving advice to a stranger like this, but i do it with the best of intentions and based on my own experiences ]

        1. Hey, I appreciate it ^_~ and I hear you. Leaving advice for complete strangers is an odd experience, but its also one of the quickest ways to make a connection too.

          AK is gorgeous and its my second round up here. I highly recommend coming and playing tourist. It was one of the first places I lived that I was homesick for when I left. If you’re not big on the cold, aim for the spring/summer to make a visit. 🙂

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