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Long Few Days

September 18, 2016

I’ve gotten to get to know Beau’s mom over the last few days. She’s a sweet lady. But, truthfully, I’m a bit exhausted. It was just me and her the first two days because of Beau’s schedule. Today is his birthday, so he finally got his first day off in the last two weeks. But is currently doing homework. We did get an epic nap scheduled in because someone was there to take care of the Tyr monster. I should say Tyr is a monster, but puppy is a little monster.

He’s gotten better, maybe down to one accident a day in the house, but he’s horrible about minding and he’s got this “I’m going to chew off all your hands.” I’m trying to get him into puppy classes, but am frustrated with that too. Classes here get packed and people are horrible about returning inquiries. So I can’t just boycott a place as a result with so few to choose from. With his breeding, he’s a bit of a handful. If he was a, for lack of better phrasing, a mix of the not so smart breeds, he may of been easier to handle. But he’s got the “I’m stubborn and I do what I want” from his blue heeler side and then he goes all sweet because the german shepard part wants to people please people. Poor Tyr, he may actually be the canine version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Beyond these few things, I was able to get some other needed tasks done. Part of me is not really looking forward to next week at work with the amount of meetings going on. Things should be relatively tame for the personal life though, so that’s all good there. I have a few projects I’m working on and hopefully, we’ll be getting some much needed shelves ordered so we can start finding homes for collectibles. I even started setting up my little sewing area again because I want to make some things like bags.

Rise of Iron for Destiny is also out this week, so don’t be surprised if I go silent for a little bit. We’ve been working on leveling characters up to max light level (I’m still sorely behind and working on it since I never have the time needed to do raids), but hopefully with the expansion and a little patience I’ll keep grabbing more items to help up my light level more.

I wonder if the theme for this year is patience…

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