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September 24, 2016

Something on my mind. It was a long week the rest of the week and I didn’t get much sleep last night. I;m feeling run down and tired which isn’t helping a whole lot either. I’m also, loath to admit this, am stressed about things I don’t think I should be stressed about. I think its being tired and not quite functioning at 100%. But its difficult to find time to get rest especially with a puppy who insists on getting up and being on a schedule.

Granted, I know his schedule, so not a real excuse. Of course, he’s taking a nap right now, while I cook dinner and wait for Beau to get home.

Next week is going to be another long week. Things that should have been accomplished in a timely manner, were not. And now, we have a 5am morning meeting because of this and I’m not the one at fault. I’ll leave it at that. I get irritated more every time I start to think about it.

Today was okay today despite me dragging from lack of sleep. Got the laundry nearly finished, picked up the mess in the house for the most part, started working up a character for a Mech campaign that I’m not really sure how interested I am in playing it (I really prefer fantasy). It’s an interesting concept, but I just haven’t ever been obsessed with oversize robots. However, it’s an excuse to be social, so I probably should stuff my introverted tendencies away and play. I think its going to take me a bit to work up the character though, but I think I’ll have something decent when I finish working up the details.

We dropped Beau’s mom off on Thursday night. It was kind of sad to see her go. She’s a sweet lady, I’m sure we’ll see her again in the near future. She seemed to enjoy herself and the goal next time is to get her up during the summer before the touristy things shut down for the season.

Anyways, I’m going to try to remain hopeful and positive that everything will go decently next week and that I may even get to leave early on thursday and get a long weekend. Here’s hoping at least!

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