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October 8, 2016

I managed to post four times in September between everything going on, and I’ve decided to take that as a victory. This month, I’m going to make it to the magical number of 5 posts.

Truthfully though, I’m exhausted. We’ve had so much going on between personal life and work; and there is so much more in the foreseeable future. Thinking about it makes me feel more exhausted. What makes this even worse is I have no idea how to summarize any of the going-ons that have been happening in a coherent manner. So a few of the more positive highlights that I feel pretty darn proud of:

1. I’ve managed to make it to the gym on my regular work schedule at least twice a week. That’s a big accomplishment considering how busy things can get at the office and disappearing for two hours can make some people panic amid deadlines. (Personal work philosophy, I get more done when I’m trying to stay healthy and the break helps me control my stress.)

2. Almost finished with the Frosted Espresso Cardigan which I started back in September (I’ll, hopefully, have more to post on that later).

3. I’ve made some positive moves in controlling my finances. I’m nearly done with a homing refinance for a property I haven’t been able to get rid of down south and will be saving some money (yay!). I was also able to pay off a bill to $0 recently too.

And I think picking three will help my brain. I’m really having some difficulty to think tonight. One thing I would like to work towards and trying to get 8 hours a sleep a night. Part of the reason I think I feel so tired is because I only get between 6-7 hours a night. My body really doesn’t like it and since I’ve tried to drastically cut down on my caffeine intake, it’s been a bit of a struggle. Puppy, while he’s gotten better, still keeps us to a pretty rigorous schedule, so if I decide to stay up late the night before, I’m lucky if he’ll let us sleep in past 8 in the morning.

He’s got a snip-snip appointment in two weeks. I’m kind of dreading it. We can’t feed him after 6pm the night before and we have to cut his water supply off after midnight. He is going to be SSOOOOO unhappy with us when the day comes. The boy likes his food and would sit and eat the whole bag until he threw up and then he’d eat that too. I am in no way, shape or form kidding about that last bit. Puppies seem to think everything is edible no matter what form or where it came from before… it’s kind of gross actually.

Anyways, I’m considering this post 1 for October. Just four more to knock out right?

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