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Day 3

Something that hits me on multiple occasions and is sometimes unexpectedly going after only being a little over a year, is that I’m still in love. What makes this love even better is that he loves me FOR ME, not for someone he envisions me becoming. If there is anything that has become super important and a relief off my shoulders, it’s that little bit with the Beau. Being with someone who is judgement free, who doesn’t criticize me for being silly, put me down by reminding me of some kind of short coming (I’m too short, not skinny enough, not strong enough, don’t follow commands, etc), is a relief.

When someone values your opinion, asks you for sound advice, but also admits when they might be wrong (and then you feel easier in admitting when you’re in the wrong too) is just so nice. This to me is how relationships should work. You find this groove with another, and you go about things that compliment each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

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