Pieces of Me

Day 4

December 4, 2016

For some reason, I was thinking today was December 5. There’s been so many different things going on that sometimes it feels like my days merge periodically. During the work week, when things are busy, that’s when this feeling is the worse. It hasn’t been so bad in the last week or two (thankfully), but we have a major meeting coming up in about two weeks and I know things are going to get stressful.

The thing I hate the most is having to deal with conflicting views. Or views that are the same, but people are speaking with the wrong words so it sounds like everyone is at odds with each other. Those particular meetings are even longer than they should be and even a bit more frustrating to deal with.

One thing that has helped with my job is speaking up more. I’ve not been so quiet about my opinion and that confidence has only grown the more I learn and understand things. I do need to sit and reread our permit again. I enjoy what I do, but I’ll be honest, sometimes I wish regulations were more black and white. You get that gray and that’s when the arguments and disagreements start.

Fun times I’ll say… so much fun.

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