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Day 5

After a lot of discussion and some budgeting, we started taking the puppies to doggy daycare. They started last week and I think it was one of the best puppy parent decisions we’ve made so far. It wasn’t so much that I was worried about Luna, it was Tyr that I had some concerns with that I wanted to makes sure we got addressed. The doggy daycare helps us with a few things: training and socializing is the biggest reasons for taking him. Exercise was another one because Tyr has so much energy, he wears me out. I almost wish we had a kid that could wear him out for me periodically.

With his breeding, the socializing bit has been one of the most important things. Blue heelers tend to be a suspicious breed when comes to anyone outside of their family unit. With Tyr being a half breed, it can be hit and miss on which traits will show up. Him being friendly and responsive to other humans and dogs (that aren’t showing aggressive traits) has been extremely important to me. His mom and his half brother are not the friendliest dogs around (they’ve never viewed me as a threat, but I often find myself hesitant around them). They are not very friendly with other dogs.

I’m pretty happy to report that Tyr has been doing very well with the social bit. They had both of them in group play on the first day with nearly 8 dogs together. His biggest thing, now, is he gets butt hurt when we have to strap him in the car to restrain his movement. He will not sit still and has literally tried to play with us while driving (super dangerous yo). Nothing like driving on an icy road, snow billowing outside, and a rowdy puppy that thinks he needs to pounce your head from the back seat. Yep, nipped that in the bud ASAP.

Now, my main goal with daycare is to eat up the energy. Not sure how successful that was today. He’s still a bit hyper and trying to play with Luna. On the bright side, at least he’s not trying to use me as a bounce off post.

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