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Day 6

I’ve been thinking heavily about things I want to accomplish in the future. There’s artsy things I want to do more of and there’s future crafting business things I want to attempt, there’s a ton of books I want to read (several self help), there’s financial security in things too. It helps that I’m finally becoming more unburdened by previous financial obligations and am close to being free of divorce debt.

I’ve been taking the crochet further too. This is the year that I have done so many projects. So. many. I also haven’t been spending so much time on the computer to escape the world, which is something that I was heavily doing for a while, especially when life got bad and I wanted nothing to do with anyone (reclusive natures). It’s nice to be a part of someone’s life that has little demands on me too. It makes it way easier to just sit in the same room, do completely different things, but still feel like I’m spending time with them. It’s something I thoroughly enjoy.

I know by the end of this month, I’ll have a future list of what I want to do next year to maybe several years down the road. With the pieces of my life finally falling into place, I see so many possibilities, it’s a little overwhelming.

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