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Day 10

I worked on finishing up some last minute Christmas gifts today. The Beau and I also went to a fund raising event with one of the local micro brewers. It was entertaining. Not only was there some fresh brewed beer (there was some really tasty holiday stouts, not my personal favorite beer, but delicious when you dropped a candycane into it), there was another local place whose specialty is hot chocolate and homemade marshmellows. So there were kiddies about drinking various flavors of coco and taking pictures with a reindeer.

The Hoodoo Brewery is probably one of my favorite spots to go too. We haven’t gone in a while because of how busy we’ve been, so it was nice to go today. Even grabbed a growler. The other place has one of the best names ever, Sugar Monkey, and they have some super creative hot coco’s and marshmallows. We ended up picking up a mayan chocolate blend with cinnamon and a hint of chili pepper to take it home with us. It’s a small mom and pop joint that have been doing some of the local holiday bizarres. They are finally getting a store front, so that’s exciting.

That’s one thing that I like about where I live. There’s a lot of promotion for small businesses to promote themselves. There are so many venues and ways to get yourself noticed and seen, like parking a mobile kitchen near a beer garden that’s selling beer.

Some things just make sense.

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