Pieces of Me

Day 11

December 11, 2016

I’m actually on my way to bed, but thought I should take a second to write so I don’t miss another day like I did earlier. I am bound and determined to make some posts happen, whether or not I have anything interesting to write.

I do have pictures I need to share. I’m happy to say I got my holiday shopping finished, gifts wrapped and ready to be shipped out shortly. With the exception of my sister’s since she’s going to be coming to visit me and such. I’m also still not looking forward to work next week. Besides the meetings though things should be pretty simple I’m hoping at least.

Did I mention we’ve been trying to eat vegetarian a few times a week? I’ve got some cookbooks and I have to say that I’ve been making some really tasty things. Thug Kitchen being one of them. From a different cookbook, I managed to pull off Potato Vindaloo, which I was rather pleased with. We don’t have any local indian food here, sadly, so I’ve experimented with hit and miss recipes. This one and the Palak Paneer that’s in the same cookbook have been spot on for my tastes. Do realize, the two recipes I linked are only examples of what I’ve made and not the actual recipe I used. Like the Vindaloo, I used a red and a Japanese sweet potato.

I’ll write more about the vegetarian attempts. It’s been an interesting foray into the kitchen, that’s for sure. (It also helps to be cooking for someone who is not overly picky about the spices being used and LOVES ONION. You’ve got no idea how important that is to me.)

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