Pieces of Me

Day 12

December 12, 2016

I’m still not sure how this week is going to shape up with the meeting stuff. Certain people are good to see up here, other people drive me nuts. Internally, I don’t think we know what the heck we’re doing because we continue to argue with each other. Me and one of my other division counterparts are counting the days when the program can center around what we want to control and we can all talk on the same level about things.

Of course, when you think about it like that, if we ever did leave, the program would go to crap in a hand basket. And I’d bet anyone a million dollars on it. Since I’ve started working here though, I’ve been a lot more vocal if I don’t agree with something and voicing my opinion. But I’m careful in how I do it and it’s something that I pride myself with.. that is in being able to move forward with things to come to an actual conclusion or have an outline of steps to reach a final verdict.

The thing that sucked about today was getting dragged into an impromptu meeting with little to no warning. 🙁 It doesn’t help that my name is effed up in our system right now because the system wants to roll me back to a name I have no desire to be associated with being attached too. Another super frustrating thing in general.

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