Pieces of Me

Day 13

December 13, 2016

We did holiday stuff at work today (between all of my other appointment things). But, I ended up at work for nearly two hours passed my normal scheduled hours. Crazy crap. Bleh. I really am not looking forward to tomorrow, and I’m hoping it won’t be overly painful and exhausting. If I end up not writing tomorrow, I completely and utterly went brain dead.

I’m also starting a new workout routine starting tomorrow. I may just want to climb into bed after the day is completely and utterly done. Fun times. Joy. Think of all the words. We have several things going on this weekend though. Have a concert, Beau’s store Christmas Party… I’m sure there’s something else that I’m forgetting, I feel like I’m forgetting something. I mean besides several little projects I want to accomplish (make pillows, play with art stuff, mail Christmas boxes).

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