Pieces of Me

Day 14

December 14, 2016

Today was a long day. I really want to go to sleep right now and I will shortly, but wanted to have a few minutes to tap out a post. I secretly wish tomorrow was Friday, but its not going to be, sadly. I’m just feeling so tired and exhausted and, I guess, burned out too. I even have both dogs passed out beside me, which is seriously influencing my wishto pass out and sleep.

Tomorrow I’m going to my first Lularoo party. Not so sure what to expect. Gonna eat cupcakes though, all the cupcakes. Friday, we have a concert, cleaning saturday, and then another christmas party on sunday. And my birthday next week. Not overly sure what I’m going to do with it just yet. I am working, but that’s because I’m preserving my leave for when my sister visits. And I’m taking that whole last week off. Because. Why not. I actually haven’t had a long vacation in a while, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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