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Day 18

I didn’t mean to miss three days. I was just so exhausted from my meetings last week, that when I got home on Thursday. I passed out. I couldn’t help myself. I’m kind of glad I didn’t totally dedicate myself to a Lularue party that night. I would of felt bad otherwise. On friday, we went to 36 Crazyfists, which was pretty awesome. I didn’t have much of a voice and I’m still a little deaf from then. I was still worn out from the week too, so am surprised I lasted through the concert.

Saturday, I really have no excuse. I was purely and utterly lazy and it was wonderful. I would like to do a few more things today. I’m planning on baking things for my birthday. Minty type cupcakes at least. Beau has a christmas potluck tonight, so I’m going to do one more sweep through the house to pick things up. It’s not happening until after 7 though (after his store closes), and we’ve picked up quite a few things the last few days, so it’s been decent. We’re hosting since we’ve got a fairly large amount of space. We are not positive as to who all will be showing up.

It’s been snowing like crazy too. Lots and lots of snow. I’m guessing the temps are going to drop. Just in time for my sister to visit. Yay!


  1. Hi Kristina! it’s been a long time since I left a comment, and I’m glad to see you’re able to keep up your daily posts somewhat at least. I heard about extremely cold weather in the US but haven’t been following the news from over there (other than the obvious Trump thing).

    I hate snow, but it would be nice to get some for Christmas… we’re going to see my parents though and I think they have snow up there at least.
    I finally got my tech stuff fixed, domain name back, and blog up and running, and accounts cleaned up. I’m now using another platform than WordPress and then I can just take breaks if my inspiration goes down, without stressing about hacker attempts.

    Minty cupcakes sounds interesting. Is there chocolate involved?

    • K K

      Mmm… Trump. Know, I did not vote for that idiot. And I can say that since I did exercise my right to vote. -_-

      It’s been a little odd weather wise. We dipped down to -20F to -30F for a few days and now we’ve warmed up to about 0F. We’re suppose to drop back to -30F and then it warms back up by Christmas. Further south (main lower 48), there were two fronts that collided, I’m not sure how much of it we’ll feel up here and there may be a delayed affect. It was actually dipping down below 0 where my mom lives which is a little unusual O_o

      And yes, chocolate minty cupcakes. Because chocolate (dark chocolate specifically) + minty awesomeness = some kind of happy. I’m actually making them tomorrow (I’ll share the recipe here with a few modifications). 😀

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