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Day 26

It’s been a busy couple of days. I’m 34 years old. My sister came into town (and is still here). I’m tired and want to sleep. Oh boy. We have some things to do tomorrow and then we’re doing a short trip out of town. Then relaxing the rest of the weekend until Sis flies out on Sunday. I’ve kind of checked out of other things for the moment and I have a friend that’s Pokemon GO obsessed. Actually envious of all the holiday pichachu she’s managed to pick up.

I’m planning on taking the end of the weekend to wind down before getting spun back up for work. I’ll have almost two days after Sis flies out to do some personal projects. Then hit work for three days, then another three days off and then regular schedule returns. Yay!


  1. That Christmas Pokemon you mention makes me think of when a friend and myself played a game on our iPhones, something to do with dragons. You crossed dragons to breed new dragons, and you wanted the more rare dragons, like the rainbow dragon or other fancy dragons. And whatever I did I always got the same dragons. 🙂

    • K K

      That sounds like a really fun game, especially since its Dragons. I think I’ve seen some games like that in the Android store. Pokemon Go is just kind of an addiction if you’re standing or sitting in a place for a while. It can be hard to attract the rarer guys.. although airports seem to be like the hot spots for them lol

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