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Much Belated Happy New Year

My sister came to visit and then I like fizzled out. I think I did pretty good last month with nearly writing something every single day. We did a lot of things though and I still managed to catch a stomach virus the last two days of my vacation as well. Yay! Holidays!

So what all did we do? I took sister around to some of the local attractions. We checked out some hot springs (where I managed to break my middle toe on my right foot, forgot to mention that.. still tingles a bit, but at least it’s no longer swollen and bruised). Took her to HooDoo to drink local brewed beer. We even made a short trip down to Anchorage and then back in the middle of a blizzard storm. Yeah, we made it back in one piece thankfully. Baked sugar cookies, I actually have pictures of that one and could probably share those. Overall, I think it was a good visit. She flew out and then I ended up out of work for an extra day because I couldn’t keep anything down. -_-

The beginning of this year has been slow paced as a result. I’ve been feeling lethargic and slow and really just want to sleep. Trying to change that. Realized I’ve been low on vitamins, D in particular because I don’t think I’ve seen a glimmer of the sun since our trip down South. I also ended up feeling depressed when I saw my weight on the scale at the doctor’s office. Sweetheart says I’m beautiful to him, and I know he means it, but its still disheartening to know how hard I worked on things, only to have it disappear. So, I started making myself go to the gym, even when I’m feeling lethargic and tired. I’m hoping the extra activity gets the feeling of tiredness to go away.

Work has been work. I’m trying hard not to be judgemental judy on a few things (relaxing is a goal this year), but still hard because of the lack of time management from my other teammates. Part of me wants to watch said person drown, but the other part of me is not a horrible human being and I actually value supporting the team. I just don’t know how to tactfully make suggestions for improving some of the lackluster details part of our jobs, with out sounding bitchy. Yes, me, keeping my brutal honesty in check. It only took me 20+ years to get that bit figured out.

So, plans over the next few weeks includes writing here more and slowly doing more creative type things that I enjoy. I’m not feeling depressed (minus the weight bit), not like I have the last few years with my failing marriage and the lack of feeling adequate with or at anything. I think being in a healthy relationship has helped out. It’s nice to be supported by someone whose nonjudgmental and even has to remind me of things if I jump to automatic conclusions that he’s implying something to be mean (small thing I’m still working on), he’s not actually being mean, he’s being sincere. It’s nice and so much better than feeling everything I do has to be criticized.

Alright, I’m working on a new theme design too, so that’ll be up if I can get my renders done first (yes! new artwork! go me!)


  1. Interesting about vitamin D, I rarely think about that but I do now when I’ve started to eat mainly vegetarian and need to watch out to eat enough vitamins (but I have pills too). Here the winter is very long and very dark so that may be a reason why I’m rather off too. However, exercising helps a lot to feel more energetic, actually.

    • K K

      I think between the supplements and the exercise I’ve been doing, I’ve been feeling so much better. My sister could actually attest that the only time she saw sun when she was up here was during the brief trip to Anchorage. I also do have bloodwork documentation (even in the summer time!) showing that I’m usually vitamin d deficient despite all the freaking green leafy things I eat (lol). I haven’t been able to explain that one.

      Granted, we are clear blue skies right now because it’s frigid outside (-40F to -50F the last few days) and no snow in the foreseeable future currently, so it’ll be nice to see the sun for a bit.

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