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Yes, I finished my first image for the year (technically my second, I’m not actually satsified with the actual ‘first image’ that I’ve made).

And yes, I used it as the header image for the theme. Decided to make Twenty Sixteen work for me this year. I long for a traditional blog look I guess, and managed to pull it off a bit after finding some cheat codes to remove some of the (imho) uglier design elements. I keep mocking up things in photoshop, but I just lack the skills to rip it apart and put it into code anymore. Maybe more of a lack the patience. I was reading an article about the progression of the default wordpress themes. The first theme’s CSS file had approximately 150 lines of code. Today’s CSS file? Has nearly 3,000 lines of code or more. It’s kind of an eye opener how much more complicated web design has become.

Anyways, I’m really happy with my latest image. I think it captures some of my hope for a fruitful new year. I’m still working on moving a few things around and I might actually get the gallery page for this site done too. After feeling so depressed and down on myself from the events of the last couple of years, I think I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It still kind of blinks and hide on me, but every time I catch a glimmer, it looks just a bit brighter, a bit closer.

Depression, you are a tricky beast, but you can still be slain.


    Yes, isn’t it crazy with today’s CSS files of 3000 lines? And really – it doesn’t have to be that way.
    I’m so impressed by your graphics skills!!! I couldn’t even imagine being able to create something like that!
    Susanne recently posted…DevastationMy Profile

      It kind of scares me to go into a file now to find something to customize. Trying to pick through all of those lines is painful.

      I feel pretty rusty with the graphics still. But there’s a few tutorials I was going to work through and try to get back up to speed. I’m glad I haven’t lost all of my skills though 🙂

        But you know that you can right click on the CSS element you want to modify, to see the CSS code and what line in the file you will modify? This works in most browsers (don’t know about IE) but in Safari you need to first enable developer tools. Also, you need to work through FTP – since WordPress, which amazes me that they haven’t added such a basic tool, doesn’t have line numbers in the file editor.
        Susanne recently posted…DevastationMy Profile

          I do. And I hate IE, I use Chrome and it has built in developer code tools. Granted, its now called the Edge.. but it’s still a crappy browser lol

          WordPress actually has a plugin that you can use in the edit interface: advanced code editor. Its just tricky to use between the two… I actually miss my dual monitor set up. It made things easier to see at the same time. =/

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