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Trip from Hell?

This was a long ass week. I flew out on Sunday, 3 hours late. Missed all of my connecting flights as a result. So I got to my destinations 8 hours passed my original planned arrival time (this means instead of getting in at 4 in the afternoon, I ended up getting in at midnight, with a class that I had to be up at 6 for). Add to this? My luggage failed to follow me.

So, I got to my destination, no luggage, exhausted, smelly, etc. So I ended up getting my rental car and finding a 24-hour walmart. It was after 1 by the time I got to my hotel.

My course was good though, it brought together everything that I’ve been learning over the last year and made it make sense. It pulled all the parts of the process together and compared it to other types of regulations. So I at least got a benefit out of this class (that doesn’t always happen), and I think I can apply some of the things I learned to the projects I’ve been doing now.

My suitcase though? It never made it to me. I got back to the airport and chatted with them at lost baggage. It went back to Fairbanks.. or, which I honestly think, it never left Fairbanks. But, on the bright side, I made it there and back in one piece. So that’s all a great thing 🙂


  1. I’m so sorry about all the travel woes! It’s so stressful when flights (or trains, for that matter) are delayed, with all that comes with that. Glad that the course was good, at least!

    • K K

      This is one of the first times I’ve actually lost my luggage or it didn’t make it to the final destination. That was probably the biggest thing. Granted, mother nature is difficult especially since it was a blizzard that threw everything off -_-

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