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Never Enough

February 25, 2017

Time. Probably one of my number one biggest complaints when it comes to balancing the adulting activities with the “fun” activities. This morning, we spent it moving a rickety, unsturdy, falling apart dining room table out of the way to make way for a new really sturdy dining room table. After that, we spent a good bit of time outside shoveling snow. SNOW. IN FEBRUARY. It never snows anymore in February.

I curse you global warming. Curse. you.

Well, we got that shoveling done just in time for round 2 of a storm running through right now. Then the dining room table came and then we found ourselves out and about before the second storm hit, chasing after nerd things (pops and other collectibles… I was actually searching for something for my mom). That was for a few hours, then the last few hours, I’ve been picking things up. Making our new dining room table pretty. I actually have to sit and sew a dining room table cloth for it to help protect the surface.

Tyr, the 10-month old, is not use to a dining room table. He’s usually pretty good about not jumping and leaning on things, but we aren’t sure how this will work just yet since we haven’t had a table that was usable for a while now. Of course, the overall goal is to make sure it doesn’t turn into a catch everything as you’re walking in the door sort of table. He thinks he’s a cat. I’ve caught him walking across the back of the couch, trying to use the coffee table as a perch, and earlier this week, he planted his butt in the window sill of a window. This is a 50-pound dog that I’m talking about.

If there is anything that I can state as a matter of fact, my life is anything short of boring. It’s actually extremely active. Like, I only get to sit here for a few minutes and now will need to go and make dinner here shortly.

Like I said, never enough time.

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  1. It never snows in February, in Alaska? Wow. Sweden is even worse than Alaska!!! LOL I actually thought Alaska was kind of like Canada, with crazy long winters. I hope this is the last snowfall for you this winter then.

    1. Well, that might be a bit of a mis-statement. It snows, but it’s like a light (less than an inch) dusting here, dusting there. We are a lot like the northern part of Canada, so it’s pretty long crazy winters. On the bright side (pun intended), we’re back up to having regular daylight which has been pretty nice.

      The thing with the snow is that in the winter at least here in the Interior, we get a good dump three or four times at the beginning of the season. We hardly ever get anything more blizzard like that this late in the season. It’s just frigid and icy cold and then bam springs here and everything melts.

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