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Quiet Weekend

Beyond taking care of the normal everyday things, we haven’t done a whole lot this weekend. I’ve been updating programs and working on a few things to spare. We haven’t had a day of just sitting around with no obligations or getting distracted with being out of the house. The puppies are even being lazy today and not continuing to fight over toys/bones (Luna does not share and will horde all of them between her paws from Tyr).

This is one of the things I’ve been working on. I finally took the time to get my bamboo hooked up and have been working on putting details in and such. Its not even near completion. I’ve been messing around with this idea since christmas, but I think I’m finding where I want to go with it (I’m enjoying it at it’s current point of creation since it finally feels like it’s coming together). Not sure if I will finish it just yet, but I thought I would do a bit more before I made dinner tonight.

I enjoy quiet afternoons. It just makes life more enjoyable when I can mindlessly play around with things.

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