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Crochet Storm

March 19, 2017

I’ve been busy trying to finish up a few projects these last few months. I finally got the rest of the AT-ATs finished. Two grey ones get to go to their new home eventually. Well, one for sure. I still have three other things to make to go with the other one so that’s going to be a bit. Also, because there is snow on the ground still, I’m totally going to recreate a scene from Hoth.

Now, my next goal is to finish up a sweater. I’m in love with the yarn for this one too. It’s part of a CAL due at the end of March. I’m really in love with this orange yarn too.

So, I’ve been extra busy. And with all the WONDERFUL sunshine we’ve been having of late (little to no clouds), I thought the camera needed some love!

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    1. When I make an effort, I can take some pretty awesome pictures periodically. I’m digging all the sunshine we’ve been getting. And admittedly, the AT-ATs are super easy to pose 😀

      I do wish I had a better lens for distance shots though. We had an eagle pay us a visit about twice that I’m aware of now, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it because of how high up in the tree he was D:

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