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Life in General

These last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle time wise. There’s a lot of things going on that need to be completed (work related) and I feel like I lack the proper motivation to get it done. But I did find something amusing. Out of the three of us, the contractors training us last week came to me at the end of three days and ask me directly if they could just go straight to me to get something because my two counterparts couldn’t sit still for more than ten minutes at a time. Apparently, I’m the workhorse. Personally, I hate procrastinating on things because life’s easier without things hanging over your head, where the other two would work ungodly hours at night and the weekend. I often have to stop and remind myself that I work to live, not vice versa.

Granted, there are so many reports pouring in right now and I’m the only one who takes the time to review them and make comments. I may have to rethink that. >_< So, I did not get my sweater done just yet, I'm thinking another week or maybe a week and a half (see previous post). I've also been trying that meal prep thing to get my portion sizes under control. And we are trying to get the dogs trained to walk together. Luna has gotten better about not dragging us on the leash. Her brother, though, thinks he's a little protector and wants to stay ahead at all times. Also, because the snow is finally melting, there are many tasty treasures in the snow. Personally, I don't think they are that tasty... but Tyr does, so I suppose that's all that matters? While I have not been writing a whole heck of a lot here, I have been staying active. I think I just need to try to document it better?

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