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Ready for a Break

This felt like an extremely long week. I got things accomplished, but I worry about what I didn’t get accomplished. I have to remember to step away from the work desk and realize that things will get finished, when they get finished. I’ve noticed during weeks when we have our programmatic meetings, I’m pretty much burned out for the rest of the week. I did make myself go for walks at lunch this week. It’s something I’m going to make time to do. I actually have a shorter lunch, so I’ve been trying to use that to my advantage. And it’s been so pretty out. I love that there’s sun, so why not go for a walk?

I get a three day break though and I’ve already started rearranging the kitchen. Don’t ask. We’re going to do some clean up outside, since most of the snow has melted. The raven’s got into our garbage right before a snow storm, so part of the goal is to get our driveway cleaned up (never mind the messes from the dogs). I do wish it was a bit warmer to clean the garage out, but the weather is not quite there yet. Roomie wanted to barbeque this weekend, but it’s not ideal yet for hanging outside.

I just realized, in re-reading what I wrote, that I might be suffering from Spring Fever… or Cabin Fever? Hopefully, I can get some of that out of my system this weekend.


  1. Eek, I tend to overwork and overstress myself. Take those breaks and walks and get yourself outside as much as you can!

    • K K

      I am definitely making every effort. It’s always good to keep reminding myself that I work to live, not the other way around. 🙂

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