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Hopes and Dreams

This last week was a long week. I had back to back meetings and then our major programmatic meeting at the end of the week. Thankfully, Friday wrapped up early (by noon) and I was able to take care of a few in office things and kind of unwind for a bit. I’ve also taken a much needed four day weekend (because why would anyone go in after two days off, work one day, get the next day off, then work the rest of the week)… 4th of July lands on a Tuesday, and I honestly would rather have consecutive days off. So I took monday for myself. Now I’m just kind of doing random things and playing with creative things.

And jamming to the soundtrack for GLOW… yeah I’m an 80s child at heart. And GLOW (Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling based on the background story from the 80s) on netflix is like awesome.

There are also no roommates at home right now, so I’m belting the tunes out. This is how life should be.

I also finally got a firm offer on my pre-marital home. I’m going to break even on the cost, which is okay, I just will finally no longer have the burden of this property or this tie back to a past I want to forget or fade from my memory. I’m ready to move forward and invest more into the relationship I’m currently in and this was the last string that I needed to snip. It won’t be a done deal until the end of July as there are a few stipulations to take care of first. It was also a cash offer, so I’ll be able to close in less than 30 days on it. They are also moving into it early so that’s a bonus too (after the house inspection and any repairs that might need to be handled). I’m now just crossing my fingers and hoping we don’t get a wrench tossed into the works, considering this is my third offer on the property in 2 years.

I’m not to sure if there is anymore to write about. I have some crocheting planned and some sewing planned for this afternoon. I may even paint sometime during my four days off which I haven’t really done a whole lot of in the last few years. Yay for not being in a depressive funkiness!!


  1. Wow, that’s great news!!!! I hope all goes as planned. How nice for you to have that behind you. Does this mean that you will be able to get a place for yourselves? (actually I had forgotten that you share with other people!)

    • K K

      We actually own the place we’re living in right now (or it’s the significant other’s house), we’ve just been renting the two bottom bedrooms out to help cover costs with him in school and me still trying to unload the other property. What it does come down too though is that when these roommates finally leave, we shouldn’t need to find more replacements 🙂 One is suppose to be here for just 2 months and the other until next summer.

      Now let’s just hope that I haven’t jinxed myself with sharing the great news *le sighs* lol

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