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Trying That Plan Thing

I think one of the things I’ve been struggling with (especially when it comes to fulfilling my “post twice” a week goal) is a lack of proper planning. Back in the day it was super easy for me to just plan out topics for interest areas and keep going from there. I haven’t really made myself sit down to do that (granted it was in my private outline in how to achieve said goal because that’s apparently recommendations for people trying to follow through on goals). And I think it comes down to more than just motivation. I’m motivated, yeah, but I haven’t been very disciplined. Now, I’m going to caveat this to say that I’ve actually have been writing privately, regularly, just not here in the public forum and space. I think it’s because I’m not so mindful of what I’m writing when it’s in private, but in public, I’m feeling a lot more conscientious.

Beyond these thoughts though, things have been okay. Work has been steady, even when it’s been full bore frustrating (silly contractors, I’m not writing that for you because that’s what you’re paid to do) and an overall okay, lighthearted atmosphere as made the days bearable. There are still changes occurring around the office, and I’m not sure if those changes will be completed next month or several months from now. I still have a job, and I’m still staying busy, so that’s really all I’m going to bank on for the most part and care about.

The sweetheart and I have been concentrating on our health. We’re working through some food life choices and have been rolling each other out of bed first thing in the morning for the gym. For the first time in a while, I’m actually feeling pretty sore. I think it helps that we both promised we wouldn’t enable each other to do things, such as, rolling back over and going back to sleep when the alarm goes off. I’ve also been trying to be better and mindful of my sleeping habits. Get up by a certain time, be in bed by a certain time. Didn’t happen last night though.

We ended up staying up and the sweetheart started teaching me how to play Magic. He’s been meaning to do this with me for about the last two years, and we finally accomplished that.. We played, I guess the phrase, is standard magic with a standard deck and then we played commander (the roommate joined us so it was a three player game). Not sure if I cared for commander style. I also was playing with a bit more of a convoluted deck (green and black) and was having a hard time recognizing the combo plays.. or that I could keep pulling a lot of guys from my grave yard. I liked regular, but I played with a red and green combo deck and the combos and what to do made sense to me. Also fewer cards to handle. I think our plan is to potentially play some more tonight. And more than anything it was just nice to do something different. Also know the sweetheart misses partaking in some of the shenanigans that occur at the comic shop and we’re talking about trying to make some of the future events for some of the next collection releases to participate in… I need to practice some more though, ha!

Maybe that will be a future topic, how the girl learns to understand the world of Magic: The Gathering, and figured out how to become future nerd champ. I think it might be a bit though because I haven’t even learned how to build my own deck (been using preconstructed).

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