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September Goals

I’m a few days late. But I have a good excuse! I got that rogue tooth yanked out and I’ve been recovering. My mouth has been achy, but, thankfully, not so achy today. So reviewing august’s goals, I failed at the 2 posts a week, so that’s back on for this month. Even though I didn’t share completion of the goals I had listed, I still feel I did fairly better than I have in the past.

Here’s September’s goals:

Blog twice a week.
– Set some days: Tuesday and Saturday.
– Map some prompts to help fulfill those blog days.

I was successful last month with the working out three times a week. I’ve done this pretty well and with the honey’s support we’ve been pushing each other out to go and do things. I think this month, I’m going to continue my three times a week, but maybe make a plan of what I’m going to do that’s fitness related.

Work out three times a week.
– Map out workouts to alternate between on those three days.
– Try for four, but don’t stress about it.

I didn’t really spend any time on making any art this month. I have a few projects on the hooks, but I’ve not completed anything. I’ve also been generating ideas for future gifts, which is great, but not really useful if I haven’t committed to making anything.

Make two pieces of art. I’m going to define art as anything (either journaling, writing, crocheting, painting traditional or digital, etc).

Leave at least two comments a week on other blogs.

So, that’s my thoughts for September. I’m going to go back to my drugged state now and binge watch something on Netflix.


  1. Those are fantastic goals! I write goals down in my planner every single month but never copy them into my blog, nor do I write out plans for attacks for any of them like you have here. You’ve inspired me to do the same. Hopefully, I remember to copy out my September goals on to my blog sometime this week. Thanks again for the inspiration to write out my goals. Good luck to your goals for September! I know you can do it.

    • K K

      Thanks! Getting comments like that will certainly help encourage me to stay motivated 🙂

      I’m hoping by breaking out how to accomplish the goal will also help me see that its not impossible to do!

  2. Susannd Susannd

    Hi Kristina! I’m glad that tooth is finally out and that it went well. It’s also nice to see that you find time for workout and blogging and put that into your September goals!
    You may have seen that my blog is no more, it was mainly because the people who developed the nice little CMS I was using all of a sudden decided to do a major update and they have rebuilt tons of things with it, which not only is much less user friendly but it will also cause my themes, comment system etc to crash. Eventually I will have to update to a newer version, and even though I’m now more positive towards using WP again, I haven’t come further than that.

    • K K

      I was wondering when I wasn’t seeing any updates if something was going on. It sucks though when they take something to try to improve it and it ends up not very user friendly. WordPress does have that up on the competition. =/

      I’ve still got some tooth pain, but I’m not having to continuously drug myself anymore, so that to me is a good sign. It looks pretty healthy at the gum line too. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of time to accomplish said goals, but I do know if I make time for something, I can get it accomplished.

  3. Susanne Susanne

    I’m glad your tooth is out and that you also have more time for workout, blogging etc, so that you can even put it in your goals.
    You may have seen that my blog is no more, the reason was that the people who developed that nice little CMS I was using did a major update, that not only is much less user friendly but it will also make my themes and the comment system to crash. Eventually I will have to update, and although I’m now much positive towards using WordPress than I used to be, I ditched it for now, I may set up a new site with WP eventually.

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