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Oh Life

I’m feeling kind of run down, so I’ll try to keep this short. One things for sure, my boss is definitely human and as irritated as I was this afternoon with him, being human means you make mistakes. You can’t always be perfect. I ended up reassuring him of this and made sure that things for what happened go smoothly later on this week. I think I would of been more concerned if the people I had to reschedule things with had been more seriously stressed about it. They joked with me on the phone instead.

I think I’ve grown up a lot and one of the lessons I keep in mind is that being perfect isn’t something I want to strive for… not making mistakes is not something I want to strive for… if I’m not a perfect being, then there is no point in striving to be perfect and I shouldn’t expect it of others. There is this immense amount of stress that lifts off your shoulders when you finally learn to accept this type of thought.

This evening, my temporary bridge popped off. I’m not positive if it should have done that, so I’m going to end up calling the dentist in the morning. I popped it back on to keep things protected (I guess?) and now I’m trying hard not to play with it. It’s like being a kid and picking at a scab after mom told you to stop. It just feels weird. I hope I never have to have another bridge or tooth yanked again. And part of me kind of hopes when I call in the morning that my permanent bridge is actually ready.

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  1. I wouldn’t like to be perfect either! How boring would that be??!! (ok, citing a Brad Paisley song here, LOL)
    I hope all goes well with your bridge! Those things are so frustrating!
    Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. I’ve been working on some different things, figuring out what and how to do with blogs, now I’m in Italy, but my blog will be active again eventually…

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