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Version of Minion Bob

This is from a pattern set I picked up a while back, but I’d only done one of the patterns (Kevin) from it before. I made a few modifications to it as I worked on it. I also made it for Russ’ mom who is a HUGE minions fan. It was time (and she really admired Kevin… even though puppy got a hold of him and ripped all his hair out *harumpf face*). We’re a little late in getting it into the mail, but it should be to her shortly.

He’s posing with a paperweight glass owl that my mom got me as a gift a few years ago. The owl is about 6 inches tall to give you an idea of the scale. Unlike Kevin, I actually took the time to stitch everything down to make sure the parts wouldn’t move or come apart. Sadly, I would link the pattern for this set, but it is no longer for sale on Etsy. I’m glad I keep copies and back up copies of everything.

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