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Dear Jet Lag

You will not get the best of me. But, man, 3 hours difference from my usual time zone is really throwing me off. I feel for those that came from overseas (Europe in this case) because I would be even worse for wear.

I traveled this weekend and am now at a class for the next three weeks. It’s been interesting for the first two days. The course is a leader intensive course and basically how to be a better employee from a position of leadership. The main theme is it doesn’t matter where your at on the totem pole or where your at in the grand scheme of the company organization chart, everyone has the opportunity to be a leader.

So the course is designed to be about learning and continuously learning how to improve yourself, the organization and accomplishing the mission. It’s learning to be self-aware and develop or learn tools that can help you out in your job and in your life in general.

Some of the stuff that they’ve already taught, I’m familiar with and there’s been a few things that have provided an ‘a-ha’ moment or two. I’m hoping that I will do better to push myself out of my comfort zone and speak up more and volunteer more. I’m such an introvert… this is incredibly hard for me in a large group setting. I do really well in small group settings and I think that’s because I’m an engineer and I’m use to working on small teams. In the last year, I’ve helped direct some of those small teams to help guide us to final results or to make decisions for how to proceed forward on projects.

We went over feedback and active listening today. I feel I’ve always been good at the listening part. Am I perfect at it, oh heck no. It just depends on the day and on my stress levels. Feedback is a weak area for me. I have not had good experiences with feedback. And I think it’s because when I was early in my career, those that were giving me feedback didn’t understand how to deliver it. I got a lot of “Well I love this, but” and that’s the worse way to deliver feedback because it turns it into criticism. I always ended up on the defensive. Learning this more I’m hoping I can use it to improve things for me and maybe even improve myself professionally.

This is just after two days and I’m already in self reflection mode. I’m also feeling brain dead. Sleep deprivation can do that to a person!


  1. It would be difficult with a new time zone! I hope that you are able to learn a lot from the course and it can provide you with a lot of new insight and skills which may help with larger groups and maybe finding more confidence. Hopefully, you can manage when you are so tired. -_-

    • K K

      That’s what I’m hoping for, the new insight and skills. Most of it I’m familiar with already, but it’s more of a ‘how do I implement it so it actually works really well’ ? Still figuring that bit out. We got a three day weekend so I’m not so tired now lol, but I dread going backwards at the end of my time here!

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